ITS Canada

ITS Technology Workshop Calgary May 9 2017


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Networking and Exhibition sponsored by TSS-Transportation Simulation Systems


ITS Canada

City of Calgary

Where are We Now? – Moderator Jonathan Darton, IBI Group

·                  ACTIVE-AURORA Connected Vehicle Test bed - Prof Dr. Tony Qiu, Centre for Smart Transportation

·                  A Vision for ITS in Alberta – Allan Lo, Alberta Transportation

·                  Calgary’s ITS Program – Yeats Wong, City of Calgary

Industry for the Future – Moderator Steve Kay, City of Calgary

·                  Technology to Improve Traffic Flow and Safety on Today’s Roadways - Redflex Traffic Systems

·                  Future of Transportation Management Centres - Jonathan Darton, IBI Group

·                  Detection Technology, Big Data and Connected Vehicles in the Future – Charles Whitfield, Trafficware

Lunch sponsored by Associated Engineering

Keynote Speaker:  Creating a city wide sensor network... without installing sensors?  - Dr. R.J. Ferguson, Associate Professor, University of Calgary. 

Dr. Ferguson reveals a breakthrough technology that has the potential to detect everything from sinkholes to traffic collisions, using existing city infrastructure.

Smart Infrastructure, Smart Cities – Moderator Gil Marques, Tacel

·                  Preparing for Smart Cities Infrastructure – Heather Reed-Fenske (City of Calgary, CIO)

·                  Using Variable Speed Limits to Expand Capacity  – Nadia Moshahedi & Karan Arora, University of Calgary

A National ITS Perspective

·                  Next Gen ITS is coming to Canada. Are we ready? - Barry PekilisTransport Canada

·                  Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Trust ‎for Connected Vehicles and Smart Roadway Infrastructure - Ken MoshiTransport Canada

Panel Discussion – Moderator Yeatland Wong, City of Calgary

-                  Chris Blaschuk, Transportation Strategy, City of Calgary

-                  Allan Lo, Alberta Transportation

-                  Heather Reed-Fenske , City of Calgary, CIO

-                  Barry Pekilis – Transport Canada (invited)

Summary and Conclusion

ITS Canada and the City of Calgary

Networking and Exhibition sponsored by TSS-Transportation Simulation Systems















Sponsors:  City of CalgaryAssociated EngineeringTSS-Transportation Simulation Systems

ExhibitorsGGI Road & TrafficTacelElectromega

Vehicle Showcase: Electra Meccanica Solo – 3 wheel Electric Vehicle

Organizing Committee:

  • Yeatland Wong, City of Calgary
  • Gil Marques, Tacel
  • Jeffrey Smart, Tacel
  • Bruno Peters, IBI Group
  • Janneke van der Zee, ITS Canada