Elections 2017





Half of ITS Canada's current Board of Directors is up for election in 2017.  

The candidates are as follows, and you may expect to hear from them over the course of the next two weeks as they contact you to gain support: (alphabetical order by family name) and a 15-day campaign period will close on Friday, May 5th 2017. An online election process will follow, with balloting ending on or about Wednesday May 24th 2017.with results confirmed by the members at the Annual General Meeting June 22, 2017 via teleconference. 

  1. Ilham Benyahia, Université du Québec en Outaouais 
  2. Shawna Boakes, Dillon Consulting 
  3. Richard Chylinski, Parsons 
  4. Brian Heath, Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc. &  Drivewyze Inc 
  5. Pascal Lamoureux, Electromega 
  6. Gregg Loane, City of Toronto 
  7. Ben Miners, Intellimec/IMS 
  8. Chris Philp, CIMA+
  9. Rajeev Roy, York Region
  10. Jeffrey Smart, Tacel 
  11. Ian Steele, PBX Engineering
  12. Charles Toth, Econolite Canada 
  13. Homayoun Vahidi, IBI Group 
  14. Yeatland Wong, City of Calgary 

Should you have any questions, please contact Janneke van der Zee at the ITS Canada Secretariat via telephone at +1 905.593.0947 or email at askus@itscanada.ca.