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ACGM 2018 Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony Keynote Speaker Mr. Andrew Giordano, Youth Circus Project
Posted by: ITS Canada
May 4th, 2018

ITS Canada is pleased to announce that Mr. Andrew Giordano, Director of the Youth Circus Project, will be the Gala Dinner and Awards 2018 keynote speaker on Tuesday evening June 19 at the ACGM 2018.

Andrew Giordano is a professionally trained circus artist and entrepreneur. He experienced a powerful paradigm shift after having the privilege of experiencing one of Cirque Du Soleil's shows. The inspiration that came from that show drove Andrew to conquer an anxiety disorder by becoming a performer and honestly sharing his struggles. His business, the Youth Circus Project, engages and empowers youth by teaching them that they are capable of much more than they think. He also speaks professionally on leadership, "mental health, and education. 

Presentation details: 
"What if progress wasn't measured by work, but rather by play? We know that creativity and innovation can only flourish in a brain that is immersed regularly in play. This presentation shares the idea of developing your ability to find and keep that state where work is joyful and a true expression of what you're capable of. The state where everything is allowed to be possible, and our best ideas come. Incorporating spectacular circus arts, this presentation shares a journey toward authentic and impactful living"

CLICK HERE for more details about the Youth Circus Project.