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Transport Canada supports projects to prepare Canada for connected and automated vehicles
Posted by: ITS Canada
August 10th, 2018

Connected and automated vehicles will bring about significant transformation in our transportation system, our communities, and our economy. They have the potential to improve road safety, reduce congestion, increase mobility, protect the environment, and generate new economic opportunities for middle-class Canadians.

The Government of Canada welcomes innovation that will help to create Canada’s transportation system of tomorrow. That is why Transport Canada is providing $2.9M in funding under the program to Advance Connectivity and Automation in the Transportation System in order to help Canadian jurisdictions prepare for connected and automated vehicles.

In particular, Transport Canada funding will support research, studies, and technology demonstrations across Canada. Results will help address technical, policy and regulatory issues related to connected and automated vehicles. Findings will be shared extensively to encourage further innovation across Canada.     

In support of this program, Adam Vaughan, Member of Parliament for Spadina - Fort York, on behalf of the Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, today announced over $1.3M in funding to the following groups in the Greater Toronto Area:

  • Canadian Standards Association - To develop guidelines and a standardization roadmap for the safe deployment of connected and automated vehicle technologies in Canada - ($499,999)
  • Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium - To study to the exploration of the integration of automated and electric transit shuttles in nine communities across Canada  - ($144,540)
  • City of Toronto - To pilot the deployment of an automated transit shuttle on public roads - ($365,000)
  • Intelligent Transportation System Society of Canada - To update planning tools to help Canadian transportation professionals implement smart roadway infrastructure - ($247,275)
  • Ministry of Transportation of Ontario - To support planning and capacity building for connected and automated vehicles in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and Waterloo corridor - ($111,025).

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