ITS Canada will be hosting a session entitled the Smart Mobility Challenge at the Virtual Summer Conference June 21-22. This session allows ITS Canada member exhibitors to provide their vision of how their technology, products, planning, or designs could (hypothetically) solve a specific problem challenges in one of 3 ‘challenges’. We have provided a specific real life example of a geographic area, and the transportation problems in that area.  Each exhibitor may submit a maximum of two submissions for consideration, telling us about how they could address transportation problems in one of these Challenge geographies.

If your submission is accepted, you will be given a breakout room within the session.  Delegates attending these sessions will hear a brief overview of the exhibitor solutions, then can choose which virtual room to attend to hear more about that exhibitor's solution.  The delegates will be asked to switch rooms after an allotted time, so they can meet with multiple exhibitors - and hear about each exhibitor's proposed solution to the session's Challenge.

The intent here is to create small groups, with excellent interaction through Q&A, rather than presentations to large groups with less engagement.

These sessions will allow exhibitors to present their proposed solution to a Smart Mobility Challenge. This is a great way for delegates to hear about the technology, products, plans, designs, and services that our tradeshow exhibitors envision, in the context of mitigating transportation problems in one of our hypothetical challenge scenarios.

Session Format
This session will be hosted in a rotating breakout session format – small groups, and great conversations!  At the beginning of the session, a moderator will provide a brief overview of all the available exhibitor submissions for that session.  Each exhibitor will be placed in a virtual room, and delegates will be asked to select a room they’d like to attend - based on the overviews – to hear more about the proposed visions in that room.  Exhibitors are encouraged to show visuals, and have back and forth Q&A’s with the delegates.  Time will be allotted in advance (anticipated 18 minutes), and at the end of each breakout, the delegates will be asked to rotate to another virtual room.  Further details will be provided closer to the date of the Conference.


Below is an overview of the 3 Smart Mobility Challenges: