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City of Toronto - Four (4) permanent, full-time positions 

The City of Toronto Transportation Services Division is looking for 4 (four) Transportation Engineers:two opportunities with the Traffic Systems Planning, Design and Capital Coordination Unit, one  opportunity with the Traffic Systems Operations (TSO) Unit, and one opportunity with the  Active Traffic Management (ATM) Unit. Learn more


Launch queue detection advisory system

Congratulations on launching the Operational Performance Testing phase of the Queue and Stopped Vehicle Advisory System (QSVAS).  This automated vehicle advisory system uses 35 sensors, and 4 variable message signboards, integrated with control software.  With a focus on cross border queue safety, stopped and queued vehicles are automatically detected and relevant warnings are posted to appropriate signs on Hwy 405.  Project partners and participants include; Ministry Transportation Ontario, IBI Group, Black & McDonald, LEA Consulting, Transnomis Solutions Inc, Globe Network Integrators, and smartmicro.