Other Committees

While ITS Canada is strongly technically focused, there are a number of critical non-technical committees that are important to our members, and for the effective operations of the organization. These include the following:

Board Standing Committees:

  1. Governance and Audit - Chair Mr. Rajeev Roy, rajeev.roy@york.ca
  2. Member Services - Chair Mr. Jeffrey Smart jeffrey.smart@sympatico.ca
    • → Annual Conference Committee - LOC
    • → Technical Committees - Chair Mr. Ian Steele, ian.steele@pbxeng.com
      1. Connected/Automated Vehicle Technical Committee
      2. Connected, Automated Electric Shuttle Technical Committee (CEAS)
      3. Advanced Public Transit Systems Technical Committee
      4. Advanced Traveller Information Technical Committee
      5. Advanced Traffic Management Systems Technical Committee
      6. Maritime Multimodal Supply Chain Technical Committee
  3. Communications & Advocacy - Chair Mr. Ross McKenzie, ross.mckenzie@uwaterloo.ca 
    • → Academic Advisory Committee - Chair Prof Ilham Benyahia, benyahia@uqo.ca
  4. International Business Development - Chair Mr. Joseph K. Lam joe@josephklam.com
  5. Strategic Plan CommitteeNEW - Chair Mr. Chris Philp, chris.philp@cima.ca, Vice-Chair Mr. Charles Toth, CToth@econolite.ca