Advanced Traveller Information TC

This Committee has been created to provide advocacy, technical exchange, and education within the field of traveller information.  This new initiative is part of ITS Canada’s commitment to renew, improve and expand upon its range of member services.  Committee members will have an opportunity to be actively involved in the priority setting and steering of ITS Canada's activities within this area.  Public sector (all tiers) and private sector representatives interested in learning about or sharing information on related technologies and industry trends, shaping ITS Canada educational programs, and playing a role in related policy advocacy, are encouraged to contact janneke[at]itscanada[dot]ca? if they wish to join.  The Chair of the Committee is Ms. Judy Yu and can be reached at  and Vice-Chair is Mr. Omar Choudry and can be reached at


FEB 23, 2023 WEBINAR
"Accessibility from a technology perspective 1 - Feb 23, 2023 Webinar" RECORDING

This two-part webinar series was sponsored by the Advanced Traveller Information Technical Committee of ITS Canada.

Presenters included: 

  • Cara Wilkie, Principal of Left Turn Right Turn’s Accessibility practice,
  • Yuval Grinspun, Principal of Left Turn Right Turn's Public Transit practice.


This webinar was moderated by co-chairs Judy Yu, Associated Engineering and Omar Choudhry, City of Ottawa.

Accessibility is being increasingly recognized as a complex, yet vitally important pursuit. As transportation professionals, we are implementing systems that have wide-ranging benefit. But is that benefit limited to a narrower, “able”, audience (yes, this is a rhetorical question!)?  While many folks might be familiar with some base level accessibility requirements (e.g. WCAG), this two-part webinar series will explore at a much deeper level how you can help ensure that the systems you are procuring, designing,  and building are accessible to as wide an audience as possible. 

This first webinar focused on expanding participants’ awareness. 

  1. We looked at broadening the definition of accessibility and explore varying types of disabilities. 
  2. We looked at how technology can pose barriers for people with varying disabilities. 
  3. We talked about the role of legislation. 
  4. Finally, we examined the unexpected barriers in ITS that may arise. Simply put, your systems might be accessible, but they’re almost certainly not. 


"Accessibility from a technology perspective 2 - April 6, 2023 Webinar" RECORDING

This second webinar explored what you as an organization or ITS professional can do to improve the accessibility of your systems. 

  1. We explored key aspects of universal design, needs capture, and user testing.
  2. We specifically talked about the procurement process as a key opportunity to enable and plan for accessibility. 
  3. We discussed potential standards and best practices that can be considered. 
  4. Finally, we covered the importance of organizational culture change so as to enable continuous improvement. As our society seeks to understand accessibility better, so too should our approach to implementing ITS.

Presenters included: 

  • Cara Wilkie, Principal of Left Turn Right Turn’s Accessibility practice,
  • Yuval Grinspun, Principal of Left Turn Right Turn's Public Transit practice, 
  • Oskar Westin, Senior Digital Accessibility Strategy Manager at TELUS Digital.