Maritime & Multimodal Supply Chain Technical Committee

The Maritime and Multimodal Supply Chain Technical Committee has been created to contribute to the next stage in the evolution of the Canadian Strategic Gateways and Trade Corridors by bringing together a diverse set of stakeholders to advance the use of wireless digital infrastructure and information sharing architectures to help synchronize transitions across segments and form a more continuous transport chain.  The committee will promote the use of wireless digital technologies and the development of a Canadian Digital information sharing infrastructure for Maritime Shipping and Multimodal Transport by forming and overseeing working groups that will conduct requirements analyses, define service packages, develop reference architectures, contribute to national and international standards, and conduct pilot projects. The outcomes from each project will be summarized and shared with the Canadian Maritime Multimodal Supply Chain community and members of ITS Canada. The Committee Co-Chairs are Dave Michelson, UBC and Kevin Heffner, Pegasus Research & Technology

This Technical Committee is fully endorsed by the ITS Canada Board of Directors.