ATMS Technical Committee

The Advanced Transportation Management Systems Technical Committee has been created to share best practices and technical information, promote deployment of intelligent transit systems, encourage open interfaces and standards and explore innovative systems deployment to increase efficiency and improve productivity. This new initiative is part of ITS Canada’s commitment to renew, improve and expand upon its range of member services. Committee members will have an opportunity to be actively involved in the priority setting and steering of ITS Canada's activities within this area. Transportation management providers and private sector representatives interested in learning about or sharing information on related technologies and industry trends, shaping ITS Canada educational programs, and playing a role in related policy advocacy, are encouraged to contact janneke[at]itscanada[dot]ca if they wish to join. The Chair is Mr. Jonathan Foord and the Vice-Chair is Mr. Sameer Patil. Mr. Foord can be reached at and Mr. Patil can be reached at



This Current Practices Paper examines the state of ATMS in Canada and internationally and the potential it offers to improve the design, operation, and delivery of transportation services. It provides an overview of traditional ATMS industry practices and identifies the emerging technologies and innovative ideas that will lead to more efficient traffic management, safer roadways for all modes of ground transportation (vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians), on both urban and rural roadways. It highlights the benefits of each technology, how it fits in within the larger ITS architecture, and the implementation challenges that may arise.