Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award

Award nominees may be any or a combination of any of the following:

  • An individual from an ITS Canada member organization 
  • A team or group from an ITS Canada member organization
  • An ITS Canada member organization

Nominees must be recognized for advancing the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion through (for example):

  • Implementation of training & development initiatives,
  • Fostering a work environment that promotes the inclusion of diverse experiences, perspectives and backgrounds through programs and policies,
  • Recruitment and retention practices which advance the principles of DEI through the hiring and engagement of underrepresented groups,
  • Employment practices that remove barriers to advancement of underrepresented groups
  • Community outreach and engagement that demonstrates commitment to DEI principles,
  • Policies/programs within the organization and/or community that have significant and sustainable impact
  • Demonstrated effort(s) in standing up to any activity which impacts the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Other?


Nominees must be available and participate in the award presentation on June 20th, 2024 in Vancouver, BC.

Nominations for the DEI Award are accepted from ITS Canada members (individuals or organizations) only. A nominator may be from the same or a different member firm. Entry materials are collected via the form below:

  1. Letter of Nomination: please attach a letter (max 2 pages) of nomination providing information on the nominee and  descriptions of their impactful efforts demonstrating that they are deserving of the DEI Award.
  2. Letter of Reference written by a peer, a manager or an individual that has been positively impacted by the nominee’s DEI efforts.
  3. Additional Materials: additional materials that support the impact of the nominee’s actions may also be attached to the nomination. Examples might include: photos of nominee (individual or team) in action supporting or promoting DEI, documentation of measurable impacts (percent increase in management positions or new hires), description(s) of newly established employee/community DEI programs, descriptions of DEI outreach efforts and measured success, etc.)  

Key Dates:
⇒ Submissions are open until February 29, 2024
⇒ Award winners announced June 20th, 2024

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