As technologies advance, ITS education has evolved from the traditional faculties of Civil and Mechanical Engineering to Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering and, of late, Social Sciences and Geography. ITS Canada has embarked on an investment in practical post-academic courses for ITS practitioners, government and agency officials, and managers in the private sector with an interest in ITS. These are being rolled out across Canada in 2012 and 2013. The first five priority courses to be developed, based on a thorough review of priority areas are:

  1. An Introduction to ITS
  2. ITS for Executives
  3. The Business Case for ITS
  4. Advanced Traveller Information Systems
  5. The Connected Vehicle

These courses will be conducted both in person and online across the country.


A Career in ITS — Education and Ongoing Training


Across Canada, there are a number of ITS initiatives in post-secondary training.. Centres of Expertise for ITS training and research have emerged. Most institutions active in the ITS domain have a specific focus. For details, please see Canadian Centres of ITS Expertise.


Canadian universities offering programs in Intelligent Transportation Systems


The following Canadian institutions offer some level of education in ITS: