Member in the Spotlight - November 2020

Established in 1981, Novax has always provided innovative Intelligent Traffic and Transportation Systems with a focus on delivering cost effective solutions which address Public Safety and efficiently move pedestrians, vehicles, transit and information in the Smart City.

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated an emphasis on reducing transfer of pathogens through surface contact. As a result, the demand to provide pedestrian signal actuation utilizing fail-safe non-contact technologies is now the new normal with emphasis on Public Safety.

Novax engineering has responded to the challenge proudly introducing the ground-breaking innovation of TouchFree™ technology. This new technology realizes a safer environment through advanced PPE addressing the health safety and accessibility concerns posed by COVID and other pathogens which lie on exposed surfaces. Novax TouchFree™ Technology is specially designed with "3D Failsafe Gesture Recognition" that requires a simple “Hand Wave” in front of the button to enable activation.

The TouchFree™ technology is available in the following Novax Smart Pedestrian products:

1) Accessible Pedestrian Signal "IntelliCross™ "which is available as a simple inexpensive add-on solution requiring easy (5 minute) upgradability.
2) Standard pushbutton format, the TouchFree™ pushbutton retrofits to all standard round push buttons and easily installed in a couple of minutes.

TouchFree™ Technology offers all these benefits delivered in one low-cost solution which can be networked at street and systems level for data, monitoring and maintenance requirements.

Dave Sandhu
Business Development Officer, CBDO,
Direct : (604) 260-9408 Office : (604) 525-5644 Ext 114