Member in the Spotlight - September 2019

StreetLight Data pioneered the use of Big Data analytics to help transportation professionals solve their biggest problems. Applying proprietary machine-learning algorithms to over four trillion spatial data points over time, StreetLight measures diverse travel patterns and makes them available on-demand via the world’s first SaaS platform for mobility, StreetLight InSight®. From identifying sources of congestion to optimizing new infrastructure to planning for autonomous vehicles, StreetLight powers more than 3,000 projects every month.  

StreetLight’s metrics have been validated against public, external sources including permanent sensors, household and license plate surveys. Mobility metrics include: 

  • Origin-Destination: Analyze any area-to-area travel patterns, including origin-destination, routes, day, and time.
  • Inferred Trip Purpose: Identify commutes and shopping trips with home and work locations for mobile device data.
  • Demographics: Census block zone data adds income, race, education, and family status.
  • Trip Speed, Duration, Length: Include trip speed, trip time duration, total trip distance, and circuity.
  • AADT: Get 365 days of data for over four million miles of roadway, both urban and rural.
  • Congestion Diagnostics: Identify hot spots, highlight causes, and suggest mitigation solutions for shifting trips to other routes or modes.
  • Project Prioritization: Get recommendations prioritized by return on investment for “quick wins.”
  • Special Events: Access metrics for every day of the year, and delve into historical events to help model the future.Freight Analysis: Study commercial trip origins, destinations, route, distance, speed, and more.
  • Multimode: See where bicycles and pedestrians travel on roadways and purpose-built paths.

Contact in Canada: 

Peter Stokes, Regional Manager, Canada

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