Member in the Spotlight - August 2020

T2zero Data Inc., is a cloud-based solution provider of intelligent traffic systems, primary dedicated to providing emergency vehicle and transit signal prioritization solutions. 

T2zero’s smart management and monitoring traffic network platform conforms to the highest traffic standards set by NTCIP 1211, as data from vehicles, traffic controllers, sensors are captured and monitored in real time and executed for a optimum traffic systems strategy. As a result, we are able to maintain cities traffic coordination and flow, without jeopardizing first responder’s 911 responses as well as transit buses approaches to intersections.

Since our technology is a cloud-based traffic application, there is virtually no need for equipment neither in vehicles nor in the intersection, as industry traffic controllers provide communication access. T2zero is a solution driven traffic system company, created to allow cities to truly use their imagination when answering their traffic and public safety challenges. 

Randy Lloyd