Member in the Spotlight - February 2024

Mobility - Enjoy the Way

Mobility reinvents the core of transportation infrastructure. 

By developing solutions such as Cway and Atway, we design, manage, and secure infrastructures by placing the operator at the heart of the development process. 

  • The transition to electric buses, essential to the development of decarbonized public transportation, brings about significant changes in operations. Cway is a software solution that supports you in this transition by allowing you to manage your depots and control your operations while regulating your energy consumption.
  • The management of road infrastructure is a critical safety issue. It requires efficient, tailored, and scalable tools. Designed with the benefit of 25 years of experience, the Atway solution contributes to the infrastructures of tomorrow by simplifying practices, ensuring security, and prioritizing intelligent and collaborative mobility.

Fluidity, serenity, frugality : let's imagine a desirable mobility.

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1951 Bd Fortin Laval,
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