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ITS Canada launches Student Essay Awards 2018
Posted by: ITS Canada
April 16th, 2018

ITS Canada has announced the launch of its Student Essay Awards 2018. This competition highlights the importance of the ITS sector.

Applicants are invited to submit an essay in the form of a text not exceeding 500 words. This essay must include at least one of the themes from the following list or any other topic relevant to the overall theme of ITS ACGM 2018.

The selection committee will recommend three different prizes based on the quality of the essay according to the main contents presented above highlighting the motivations for ITS with the career plan in this sector. The essays to submit must be written in French or in English.  The specific essay themes are related to the general topic of the conference ACGM 2018: Mobility 2030: Bridging Innovation and a Green Future” 
The themes of the essays are included in the following list: 
  • Smart and Green infrastructure
  • Green traffic management
  • Electric vehicles and ITS Vehicles
  • Real-time incident management  
  • Frequency spectrum allocation for ITS 
  • Smart City for Green 
  • Topics on emergent ITS technologies with direct impact on the environment.

The submission deadline is May 18, 2018. Details about the ITS Canada Student Essay Award 2018 can be found at