NOW AVAILABLE: "Blockchain for the Intelligent Supply Chain in Canada" April 20/23 RECORDING
Posted by: ITS Canada
April 20th, 2023


April 2023

April 19, 2023, noon to 1 pm EDT RECORDING

Webinar "Blockchain for the Intelligent Supply Chain in Canada" 

This webinar was co-organized by ITS Canada, CAVCOE and AIoT Canada. 

Blockchain provides an opportunity to help Canada’s supply chain be more efficient and competitive. It is an approach to data management for goods at all stages in the supply chain. It allows stakeholders who are suppliers, manufacturers, transportation service providers, and recipients of these goods to cooperatively add to a common dynamic record that is secure and decentralized. Blockchain uses an architecture that is very different to current, centralized, server-based database systems.

1) Erik Valiquette, CEO BCSA (Blockchain Supply Chain Association Global), who described blockchain, its properties, status, and potential;
2) Heather Deehan, Director General a.i., Centre for Immunization Readiness, Public Health Agency of Canada;
3) Martin Gelb, Director, Intelligent Supply Chain, Health Canada.
Heather and Martin jointly described a proof of concept using blockchain in the COVID vaccine supply chain.

Moderated by Barrie Kirk, Executive Director, CAVCOE, closing remarks provided by Janneke van der Zee, Managing Director, ITS Canada and Walter Knitl, Board Director, AIoT Canada.