Mission & Values

Our Mission

ITS Canada is the national thought leader on advanced technologies and their application to the Canadian transport system. We actively support the use of these technologies by advocating their benefits; by showcasing and demonstrating the expertise of our members through their skills, products and services; and by providing the necessary tools, and platforms for networking, learning and collaboration. ITS Canada will ensure that its own internal governance structures and financial operations will sustain the organization into the long-term.

Our Vision

We see a new Canadian transportation landscape, brought about by the use of innovative technologies, that:

  • Dramatically decreases the number of traffic collisions on our roadways and that, as a result, save lives and prevent injuries;
  • Reduces congestion, through better real-time traffic management and better public transport;
  • Connects all facets of our transport system to ensure the most efficient movement and mobility of people and goods; and
  • Ensures Canada’s transportation networks remain globally competitive by keeping pace with dramatic transformations taking place in the transportation systems of the rest of the world.


What we provide

ITS Canada provides a range of services that meet the diverse needs of our members, industry stakeholders and the public at large. We strive to:

  • Promote the application of innovative ITS technologies in order to enhance the accessibility, safety, security, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the Canadian Transportation System.
  • Provide an authoritative voice for the exchange of ITS-related information and ideas among Canada’s transportation industry participants.
  • Promote economic activities related to intelligent transportation systems and facilitate marketing and alliance opportunities for our members.
  • Organize conferences, workshops, webinars and education regarding ITS for the benefit of our members and the industry.
  • Facilitate the compatibility of ITS applications through the development and adoption of appropriate national and international standards and architectures within the industry.
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with other transportation organizations and ITS societies around the world.