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Do you have an interesting ITS project, or facility you'd like to show to the ITS Canada Community? Is there an interesting story behind how your ITS technologies are developed, manufactured, or operated? ITS Canada is seeking proposals for a Virtual Technical Tour during the ITS Canada 2021 Virtual Conference, June 21-22 and November 29-30, 2021.  Send us your idea, and tell us what we will see on this tour, and describe what/how we'll see it, and why ITS Canada delegates will want to see it.
  • The 2021 June and November conferences will both be virtual, so your proposed tour must work with a virtual format.  We suggest that your tour should be submitted in advance as a pre-recorded video file and should be about 5 mins long (maximum of 10 mins).  All filming and editing must be at the expense of the submitter.   
  • Technical tours may be considered for on-demand viewing, or as part of a session where the submitter will also be part of a live Q&A at the conference.  
  • All submissions must be received online through the submission portal by April 21, 2021, emailed submissions will be not accepted. A sample video or photos may be submitted, but is not required.
If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to Anum Abid

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