Awards 2022

Awards 2022

The Intelligent Transportation Society of Canada (ITS Canada) recently celebated the 7 winners in 4 different categories of the ITS Canada Awards: Member of the Year Awards, Intelligent Mobility Awards, Excellence in R&D Awards and Young Professional Award. Watch the celebatory video at 2022 ITS Canada Awards Presentation - YouTube

2022 marks the 13th year of the ITS Canada Awards Program, which was originally created to better serve and profile members and young professionals and by acknowledging significant and defining people, projects, and innovations in our Canadian ITS marketplace.

“ITS Canada is thrilled to recognize the 2022 winners’ contributions and achievements to the Canadian ITS marketplace and beyond. Congratulations to everyone on your achievements and being the winner of the 2022 ITS Canada award. We look forward to engaging with you in the future to drive forward the innovative transportation and mobility arena in Canada,” says Usha Elyatamby, Chair of the Awards Program. 


Distinguished Member of the Year Award

Ms Shawna Boakes, City of Windsor 

Shawna Boakes is the recipient of the 2022 Distinguished  Member of the Year Award. Shawna is an accomplished professional in the Canadian transportation industry. She is currently the Executive Director of Operations in the City of Windsor and also on the Board of Directors of ITS Canada as the Treasurer. She is also the President of Ontario Trillium Chapter of the International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA). These serve to illustrate her passion for and commitment to ITS.  She graduated from the University of Windsor with an electrical engineering degree in 2000. Shawna’s passion for transportation,  and particularly for ITS, is demonstrated by her volunteering effort in an array of ITS-related activities in various transportation associations.  In 2020, she began participating on a number of task forces within ITE’s Connected Intersections committee. Shawna is a passionate, dedicated, and motivated ITS professional willing to put in time and effort into the organizations she is a part of and totally committed on her duties and responsibilities. With her dedication, she has always been an asset to her organizations, by shaping their ITS agenda, enhancing their ITS policies and/or improving their ITS operation to the overall benefit of the ITS industry. Learn more


Distinguished Group Member of the Year Award

Transportation Seminiar Series, University of New Brunswick 

The Transportation Seminar Series, University of New Brunswick is the receipient of the Distinguished Group Member of the Year Award. The 53-year weekly Transportation Seminar series presented by The Transportation Group of the University of New Brunswick Since 1969, the weekly Transportation Seminar series offered by the UNB Transportation Group has influenced post-graduate transportation engineering and economics students in the evolution and real-world application of technologies to support transportation services and infrastructure.  Each week, the seminar features a distinguished external speaker who presents on a current issue facing the transportation industry, development of an enabling technology or delivery of a service.  Following the presentation, the students, working professionals and faculty engage with the speaker in a broad discussion of the topic of the week. The Seminar Series has been an effective incubator that has stimulated UNB Transportation Group students to seek innovative and high-tech solutions to a myriad of transportation issues. The award was accepted by Prof. Trevor Hanson. Learn more


2022 Mobility Award for Data Driven Transport Outcomes 

Rail Crossing Advanced Traveller Information System (RC-ATIS), PBX Engineering

The Rail Crossing Advanced Traveller Information System (RC-ATIS) project is the winner of the 2022 Mobility Award for Data Driven Transport Outcomes. The Roberts Bank Rail Corridor (RBRC) is a critical east-west link for the movement of goods by rail —connecting ports and facilities to the North American rail network. The rail corridor spans the City of Surrey, City of Langley, and the Township of Langley. The rail line intersects several major roadways, with four at-grade rail crossings being within the project area.Rail traffic through the corridor is predicted to continually increase both in frequency and in length. Recognizing the need to address this growing issue, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure initiated the Rail Crossing Information System (RCIS) project. The RCIS utilizes Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technologies to mitigate the impact of rail traffic on commuters. The RCIS provides direct travel time savings benefits to the area residents who commute regularly. This is an industry-leading, made-in-BC solution, applying locally developed technology and engineering expertise to overcome a difficult challenge, positively affecting the communities of BC. Cory Edgar, PBX Engineering, accepted the Award.


2021 Mobility Award for Cybersecurity in ITS

George Massey Tunnel SCADA Life Safety and Lane Control System Cybersecurity Audit Remediation, Arcadis IBI Group

The George Massey Tunnel SCADA Life Safety and Lane Control System Cybersecurity Audit Remediation project is the winner of the 2022 Mobility Award for Cybersecurity in ITS. The British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure identified the need to remediate SCADA Life Safety and Lane Control Systems located at George Massey Tunnel to align with recommendations identified by the Office of the Auditor General Cybersecurity Audit Remediation initiative. The project was also prioritized to address critical system components that were approaching end of service/end of life. Key highlights of the project included the migration of the central system SCADA platform to MoTI micro data centre located at TMCBC with local components hosted using Ministry managed infrastructure. The project included the transition of the SCADA platform to a new solution that aligns with Ministry standards for the overall architecture including authentication, among other required cybersecurity processes and controls. All critical data connections were migrated to the new MoTI core network which was completed with limited impact to operations. The result of this project is improved cybersecurity controls will the alignment to BC MoTI OCIO cybersecurity controls, improved redundancy with a new modern platform that can be operated from infrastructure located at TMCBC and the GMT LOC, and improved operations through real time reporting, alarming, and much more – not to mention improved safety for the travelling public. This award was accepted by Jonathan Darton, Arcadis IBI Group.


2022 Mobility Award for Smart Mobility - Connected Infrastructure

Queue and Stopped Vehicle Advisory System HWY405, Ministry of Transporation Ontario

The Queue and Stopped Vehicle Advisory System HWY405 project is the winner of the 2022 Mobility Award for Smart Mobility - Connected Infrastructure. The Highway 405 Queue and Stopped Vehicle Advisory System (QSVAS) uses state of the art vehicle detection to automate dynamic message warnings for queues and stopped vehicles along the 8km eastbound corridor approaching the Canada-USA border crossing.This project is focused on using ITS technology to improve safety and reliability for passenger cars and commercial trucking.  The project corridor is a major international border crossing, with 2 passenger car lanes, 1 truck lane, and 1 express truck lane, separated by barriers. The site experiences frequent lengthy slow moving or stopped queues of vehicles on a high speed roadway, creating a recurring safety issue for approaching vehicles. The Operational Performance Testing (OPT) period closed in April 2022, after a successful 6 month test period.  Several hundred stopped and queued vehicles were detected each month - IBI Group independently validated the detections, and assisted the project team in identifying areas for improvement.The project was led by MTO, with project planning by IBI Group.  Black & McDonald Limited led the field implantation and operation.  Transnomis Solutions designed and implemented the software and automation control systems.  Lea Consulting provided design services.  Global Network Integrators provided the network integration.  Sensors were provided by smartmicro. Rey Shen accepted this award on behalf of MTO.


2022 Excellence in R&D Award

Area X.O, Invest Ottawa

The 2022 Excellence in R&D Award recipient is Area X.O, operated by Invest Ottawa, Transport Canada, the City of Ottawa, NRC and industry partners launched the first on-road electric Low-Speed Automated Shuttle (LSAS) trial of its kind in Ontario from Nov 2, 2020 to Nov13, 2020. Leveraging unique capabilities, expertise and collaborators, this project aimed to test and evaluate LSAS technology and help Transport Canada to prepare for the safe and efficient integration of smart mobility innovations into future Canadian passenger transportation systems. Accepting this award was Sonya Shorey, Invest Ottawa.

2022 ITS Young Professional Award

Dr. Karim El-Basyouny, University of Alberta

Dr. Karim El-Basyouny is an influential and prodigious road safety scholar whose interdisciplinary work on advanced road safety management is at the field's leading edge. His research and scholarly contributions demonstrate his outstanding ability to mobilize knowledge beyond the University and significantly shape evidence-based traffic policy and practice. Through his work with the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. El-Basyouny has demonstrated his exceptional professionalism as the Associate Chair of Research and Development for the Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta. Here he provides support, guidance and leadership to colleagues and departmental staff, helping them advance their research, careers, and professional well-being. In particular, he takes a dedicated approach to developing and enhancing the EDI practices within the Department and across his research team to ensure maximal professional equity within engineering training and research. In addition, his supervision, mentorship, and training practices of M.Sc. and Ph.D. students prepare young engineers with the skills and knowledge they require to be successful. He ensures that his students learn presentation skills at workshops and conferences, publish their research in leading journals to ensure maximum impact in the field, and work closely with partnering organizations to accomplish their goals.

Usha Elyatamby
Chair 2022 Awards Program


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