Medium or Small Metropolis

Nominations are now closed

  • Nominator may be an employee of the nominated entity.
  • Open to municipalities with CMA/CA population approximately < 500,000 and to rural areas with a population of less than approximately 20,000 people and/or population densities, generally less than approximately 500 people per square kilometer.
  • Project/program may be a part of a regional municipality, provincial, and/or federally-led initiative.
  • Projects/programs must demonstrate a relatively significant and/or notable advancement of ITS services in the geographic area of application.  Minor extensions of existing systems are not considered significant.
  • Projects may also be an ITS Integration Project that demonstrates the integration of ITS systems in accordance with the Canadian ITS Architecture.  Integrated systems must originally be independent of each other, or non-existent in the case of an addition of a new system, prior to the integration.  Integration between systems must be significant and/or notable with a reasonable amount of data shared between the two systems. 
  • Project/program is preferred to have been completed/initiated within approximately the last 3 years. 
  • Award winner representative is expected to receive the award in person at the 2019 Joint Conference & Exhibition Sept 22-25 in Halifax.