Archived Webinars


"What’s new in traveller information to improve decision making!" ATIS TC Webinar April 5, 2018


Moderator: Ms. Judy Yu, Associated Engineering and Mr. Patrick Fitzhenry, Alberta Transportation


  1. ?Mr. Jason Zwarich, Associated Engineering
  2. Mr. Garreth Rempel, TRAINFO
  3. Mr. Dave Gray, Alberta Transportation


"Initiatives by the Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC)" APTS TC Webinar July 12, 2017



Moderator: Rajeev Roy, York Region

Presenter: Josipa G. Petrunic, Executive Director & CEO, Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC)


"Connected and Autonomous Vehicles are coming…     is your ITS Team prepared?"  hosted by ITS Canada's ATIS, ATMS, CVAV TC webinar March 29, 2017

Moderator: Jonathan Darton, IBI Group


  • Barrie Kirk, ‎Executive Director at Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence (CAVCOE)
  • Philippa Lawson, Barrister and Solicitor, Consultant; Researcher/Writer and author of “The Connected Car: Who is in the Driver’s Seat?’
  • Dr. Tony Qiu, Director, Centre for Smart Transportation, University of Alberta


"Transit and New Shared-Use Modes: Key Questions from the Transit System Perspective" APTS TC webinar December 12, 2016 


Mr. Rajeev Roy, Director, Business Planning and Technology, Transportation Services Department, The Regional Municipality of York


Mr. Brendon Hemily, Hemily & Associates



"Truck Platooning - Spreading the Word" Webinar September 28, 2016



  1. Richard Easley, President, E-Squared Engineering, Chairman TRB Intermodal Freight Transport Committee
  2. Janneke van der Zee, ITS Canada

Webinar Panelists presentations:

  1. Daniel Krechmer, Principal, Cambridge Systematics
  2. Prof. Homayoun Najjaran, PhD, PEng, FCSME, The University of British Columbia, Okanagan School of Engineering
  3. Steve Boyd, Co-founder & VP External Affairs, Peloton Technology

Peloton videos:


"Emerging Technology-Enabled Trends in Transportation" webinar presentations December 9 2014