ITS Project/Program/R&D/Innovation Award

  • Nominator may be an employee of the nominated entity.
  • Open to municipalities, provincial, or federal agencies.
  • Nominated projects should have been completed and in proven operation within approximately the last 3 years.
  • Nominated product/technology has been developed directly by a Canadian-based firm, academic institution or government agency.  The product must be successfully deployed and in proven operation either in Canada or internationally.  The product/technology should not be older than approximately 3 years in the Canadian marketplace. R&D project/program must be recognized publicly and not simply part of an internal R&D activity associated with a private sector product.  Projects may include new innovative ways of applying and utilizing existing technologies in new environments.  
  • Award winner must be committed to receiving the award on TBD.
  • ITS Canada members will select the project/program/R&D/innovation winners


Key Dates:

⇒ Nomination Submission Deadline March 15, 2021
⇒ Award Winners Announced TBD

Contact Information:

Nominator Information: