2020 ITS Essay Competition

ITS Canada 2020 Essay Competition Award Winners

ITS Canada is pleased to announce the winners for the 2020 ITS Annual Essay Competition Award. This competition promotes the ITS expertise, experience and interests of young researchers from Canadian Universities. The 2020 competition allowed many students to share their views related to:

- Innovative and safe cooperation between ITS experts such as sharing information and technology in a fair and secure way,
- New transport systems for more strategic and efficient delivery of goods,
- Integration of emergent technologies for more efficient active transportation including transit, pedestrians, and cyclists are part of the network,
- Technologies and directions of research and development for coming and emerging transport systems which will be connected and autonomous,
- Data acquisitions, processing, transmission, storage and distribution techniques for advanced and future mobility,
- Multidisciplinary research and development for future ITS development and deployments.

Submissions were received on themes such as Transportation Efficiency for CAV Technologies , Emerging Technologies for Future Transport Systems, Decision Process for Dynamic Deployment of Shuttle Services, Transport Network Assessments for CAV Deployment,  Automatic and Smart  License Plate Recognition, CAVs, Sustainable Forms of Transportation and Real Time Tracking Technologies.

Essays were reviewed and scored by an expert of judges and in the end the following students were awarded:

Essays served as an intersection between academia and real-world transportation issues; and submissions were adjudged to be of high-quality and relevant to ITS industry. ITS Canada congratulates all award recipients!

* Winner will be invited to present his winning essay in person at ITS Canada 2021 June 20-23 in Edmonton. First Prize:  $2000 cash
** 2nd Prize: $1000 cash
*** 3rd Prize: $500 cash