Awards 2019

The 10th Annual ITS Canada Awards Program will be celebrated during lunch on Monday, September 23 at the 2019 ITS Canada & Transportation Association of Canada Joint Conference & Exhibition in Halifax. Nominations are now closed.

The Awards Program was created to serve and profile our ITS Canada membership by acknowledging thought leaders, significant and defining projects and initiatives in the Canadian ITS marketplace and young professionals entering this space.

2019 Awards Categories

  1. Distinguished ITS Canada Member of the Year

  2. Larger Metropolitan Area, Provincial or Federal Applications

  3. Medium or Smaller Metropolitan Area or Rural Applications

  4. New Canadian Commercial/Industry/Academic ITS Technology/Innovation/R&D

  5. Young ITS Canada Leadership


To enrich the experience for the recipients of this awards program, only one recipient will be selected for each award category.  However, if the evaluation committee deems that more than one nomination submission provides equally unique contribution and is warranted of the honor as another submission, both may be considered for award in the same category. Conversely, however, there is no requirement for awards to be given in each category if nominations are not deemed by the evaluation committee to be sufficiently qualified.

An evaluation committee will be formed to review and discuss each nomination for the award categories.  The evaluation committee will include representatives from across Canada and will be representative of the private and public sectors, and academia.  Upon the closing of the “Call for Nominations”, the evaluation committee will review each nomination and deliberate on the overall merits on the nomination.  Winners will be selected through a qualitative judgment-based evaluation process, relying on the general criteria defined herein for each category.Where deemed appropriate, the evaluation committee may re-assign a nomination(s) into the most relevant award category, rather than under the category that the nomination was originally submitted. Should a conflict of interest arise between an evaluation committee member and a nomination submission, that committee member will be temporarily excused from participation in the evaluation for that corresponding award category.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank John Greenough, who recently retired as Chair of the Awards Committee. Thank you for your leadership, generous commitment of time, support and inspiration to the ITS Canada Awards Program. 

Usha Elyatamby,
Chair, Awards Program 2019

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